I made a thing

A couple weeks ago, I needed a lighter weight bedspread.  SO I decided I would quilt one.

I had some pretty awesome fabrics for a pretty sparkly green and blue color scheme.  You probably can’t tell, but some of these fabrics have SILVER SPARKLE.20170514_222908

8084881945_fb50426ce0I really wanted to try this pattern, but thought it might be too much of a challenge.


So after lots of searching online and through my seldom used stash of books…I used a fairly easy pattern, but have never been great at cutting, sewing and matching pieces up evenly.  I DID follow a suggestion and actually iron every single seam.  Mind you, I used the chain method  SHOWN BEST HERE and sewed and ironed all the pieces assembly line style.

It went together beautifully until the end when I was concerned about sewing the LARGE blocks together.  It didn’t seem like they would match up straight.  But I just went one by one, and matched up seams and it came together beautifully.  Next I knew I just wanted a thin backing and no batting in the middle.  I had a sheet from my favorite store IKEA that I used . I even did some top stitching with a metallic thread.

I am really pleased with it.  It is getting a lot of use and hope that I can actually take some decent pics…maybe even make the bed more often!