Normally I don’t like 2 in 1 grinders, but this one has changed my mind. It has simplicity in all the right spots: filling, cleaning, changing grind size, and using it at any time during the cooking/eating process. And the look of it compliments a wide range of kitchen/dining room designs.

It’s a touch too tall for the cabinet shelf where I usually keep my salt and pepper, but it looks so good that’s a minor issue as it will probably live on the counter or dining room table. Lids on both ends keep stray bits from dirtying your surfaces, but are quickly and easily removed when you need to use it.

It also is ADJUSTABLE and really made a very fine grind of both salt and pepper-similar to what you would find in the standard containers at the grocery store.

One thing I didn’t like was the giant logo on the thing.  Such a Beautiful stainless finish and ruined by wording-this is a personal pet peeve of mine; I always feel like if I pay for an item, I should not have to advertise for them.

All in all a great product. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE for only $12.67


Time for a Disco Party!


A really fun product that can turn any area into a night club.  BUY IT HERE!
The lights are bright, the colors vibrant, and the music sync feature works amazingly well. I’ve seen online music players that have features like this where some decorative designs pulse and change with the music, and this strip of LEDs synced up with the music as well as those kinds of programs.
The remote is particularly nice and there are a bunch of settings to play around with to set just the right mood.
I only have two minor complaints.
     One: the instructions that came with mine were only in Chinese (or similar language) so had to figure things out by trial and error. The device is fairly straight forward though so this wasn’t terribly difficult.
     Two: the adhesive did not stick very well until I took extra steps to ensure it did (using a hair dryer and a bit of extra tape). I do not know if this was a defect in the product, or user error, which I freely admit it could have been seeing how I could not read the instructions. Both issues were easily overcome though and did not diminish our enjoyment of this product in anyway.


Amazon Wardrobe

I just found out that Amazon Prime will be offering a wardrobe service VERY soon.  I used to be a member of Gwynnie Bee until I lost weight, and they went up in price.  I haven’t subscribed to any of the other clothing subscription services because i was never very certain of their styles and sizes, and MONEY MONEY BUDGET!  But Amazon Wardrobe makes things so easy, and I rely on reviews for sizing and quality info-especially with the market flooded with teeny tiny chinese sized items.

This is going to be AWESOME!  I can’t wait to find out more about this service./

Check out this little video for a bit more info.

Cup a Mana-TEA!


These are the cutest Tea Infusers!  First of all the hang on your cup.  They are silicone, and they are Manatees!  Get it!?

When I first opened these, I thought they were going to be another cheap tea infuser I end up throwing away after the first try.  I was WRONG!

Creator Studio Tea Infuser
Look at these adorbs Manatees waiting to swim around in your cuppa.

First of all, they are made of a thicker silicone than others I have tried.  This makes them easier to hold and fill.  This also makes them Easier to close and STAY closed.

Fill it up with 1/2 to 2/3 loose tea.

So we filled it up about 2/3 of the way with our herbal blend…plopped it on the edge of our cup.  You have to make sure the infusers butt is fully under the water-which could be tricky depending on the cup you are using, and if you aren’t filling it up with hot water all the way. Let it steep for a couple minutes, then pull that sucker out and enjoy.

Now the best part:  This was AMAZINGLY easy to clean.  I just rinsed it a couple times under the faucet and DONE-no stuck bits in the holes, nothing under the edges.  Perfect!

You can get these RIGHT HERE for $11.97 which is a bit more than I normally would spend…But you do get 2 and they are GREAT quality!  And it’s funny to say “Oh The Hu-Mana-Tea!” and watch your own Mini-Me roll her eyes and try to stifle a giggle.

*I have received this product free or at a discount in order to try it out. The opinions expressed are completely unbiased and meant to help others decide if they might like to purchase this item.*



Yummy Gummies

Nutra Kids Multivitamin Gummies

60 Gummies in Pineapple, Orange and Strawberry Flavor
Boo!!! (Pouty Face)Vitamins

We are forgetful and picky.  We often forget to eat our vitamins.  I got these for my mini-me, but I tried one myself. They have a nice texture that isn’t plastic-like, and good flavor that makes them seem a bit more like candy than something in the realm of medicine (definite plus for the kids).

20170616_073206 (1)
This is her “surprised it tastes good” face!

They are sort of like those gum drop like fruit slices they have in many stores. They aren’t overly sticky or rubbery either.  They don’t stick a lot in the bottle.


The only negative is that they all appear to be the same color/flavor in the bottle.  An off-orange: maybe it’s our lighting, or maybe it’s that we are so used to bright artificial colors in our food.

As long as it provides the vitamins they say they provide (and there’s no reason to think they don’t), they’re a winner to me.

They are on sale HERE for $5.99 for 60.    Depending on the age of your child, Vitamin Supp Factsthey may need to take 1-3 a day.


I have received this product free or at a discount in order to try it out. The opinions expressed are completely unbiased and meant to help others decide if they might like to purchase this item.