Time for a Disco Party!


A really fun product that can turn any area into a night club.  BUY IT HERE!
The lights are bright, the colors vibrant, and the music sync feature works amazingly well. I’ve seen online music players that have features like this where some decorative designs pulse and change with the music, and this strip of LEDs synced up with the music as well as those kinds of programs.
The remote is particularly nice and there are a bunch of settings to play around with to set just the right mood.
I only have two minor complaints.
     One: the instructions that came with mine were only in Chinese (or similar language) so had to figure things out by trial and error. The device is fairly straight forward though so this wasn’t terribly difficult.
     Two: the adhesive did not stick very well until I took extra steps to ensure it did (using a hair dryer and a bit of extra tape). I do not know if this was a defect in the product, or user error, which I freely admit it could have been seeing how I could not read the instructions. Both issues were easily overcome though and did not diminish our enjoyment of this product in anyway.


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